Pet Shop Boys: Two books about Pet Shop Boys (exclusive slipcase edition)
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Two books about Pet Shop Boys (exclusive slipcase edition)

Pet Shop Boys

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  • Release Date 19 March 2020
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The two classic books about Pet Shop Boys by Chris Heath reissued in hardback with new design by Farrow and some extra material by PSB and Chris Heath. Exclusive to this store: both books in a limited-edition, Farrow-designed slipcase.

In 1989, for Pet Shop Boys, Literally, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe invited journalist Chris Heath and photographer Lawrence Watson to shadow them around Hong Kong, Japan and the UK, as they embarked on their first-ever tour. Then in 1991, for Pet Shop Boys Versus America, the duo toured North America for the first time, taking with them a sizeable, theatrical production. Chris Heath again accompanied them, as did the legendary rock photographer Pennie Smith. The books provide an intimate glimpse into the world of the Pet Shop Boys on tour.