Pet Shop Boys: Release/Further Listening: 2001-2004

Release/Further Listening: 2001-2004

Pet Shop Boys

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Triple CD Album

'Release', featuring Johnny Marr on guitar, entered the top ten UK album chart on its release in 2002. This remastered edition comes with two Further listening albums of additional tracks, including unreleased songs 'Motoring', 'The night is a time to explore who you are', 'Run, girl, run' and 'Reunion', as well as previously-unreleased John Peel versions of 'A powerful friend' and 'If looks could kill' and a previously-unreleased cover version of Gilbert O'Sullivan's "Alone again, naturally" featuring Elton John.

* Previously unreleased
**Previously unreleased on CD

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1 Home and dry  
2 I get along  
3 Birthday Boy  
4 London  
5 E-mail  
6 The samurai in autumn  
7 Love is a catastrophe  
8 Here  
9 The night I fell in love  
10 You choose  
1 Between two islands  
2 Searching for the face of Jesus  
3 Time on my hands  
4 Motoring (demo)*  
5 Love life**  
6 Transparent  
7 Sexy Northerner  
8 The night is a time to explore who you are (demo)*  
9 Closer to Heaven (slow version)  
10 Run, girl, run (demo)*  
11 I didn’t get where I am todayI didn’t get where I am today  
12 Always  
13 Home and dry (ambient mix)  
14 Bright young things (demo)*  
15 Kazak*  
16 A powerful friend (John Peel version)*  
17 If looks could kill (John Peel version)*  
1 Try it (I’m in love with a married man)  
2 Here (PSB new extended mix)  
3 If looks could kill  
4 A powerful friend**  
5 Party song  
6 No excuse (demo)*  
7 Blue on blue  
8 Jack and Jill party (demo)*  
9 Baby (demo)  
10 Flamboyant (original demo)  
11 Miracles  
12 Flamboyant (7” mix)  
13 Numb (demo)  
14 In private (featuring Elton John)  
15 Alone again, naturally (featuring Elton John)*  
16 Reunion (Electro mix)*  
17 Bright young things  
18 We’re the Pet Shop Boys  
19 It’s a sin (Barfly version)