Pet Shop Boys: Elysium/Further listening: 2011-2012

Elysium/Further listening: 2011-2012

Pet Shop Boys

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Double CD Album

‘Elysium’, originally released in 2012, was seen by some as a shift in sound and direction for Pet Shop Boys. Writing for the album began whilst PSB were on tour with Take That, with some tracks dating as far back as 2008.

The album was co-produced by PSB with Andrew Dawson, who engineered much of Kanye West’s album ‘808s & Heartbreaks’, a record which Neil Tennant had become ‘mildly obsessed’ with at the time. The darker lyrical themes of ‘Elysium’ are reflected in the record’s sound. Neil Tennant said: ‘It is deep in terms of the sound—got a lot of sub-bass—it's sort of deep in terms of subject matter, the way it's expressed. But I think it's the Pet Shop Boys' most beautiful album’.

The ‘Further listening’ album of additional material alongside this ‘Elysium’ reissue features previously unreleased demos entitled ‘Vocal’, ‘She pops’ and ‘In slow motion’, as well as PSB mixes and remixes of ‘Leaving’ and ‘Memory of the future’.

Both albums are packaged with an extensive booklet in which Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe discuss each song, illustrated with many archive photographs. The entire project is designed by Farrow.

* Previously unreleased

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1 Leaving  
2 Invisible  
3 Winner  
4 Your early stuff  
5 A face like that  
6 Breathing space  
7 Ego music  
8 Hold on  
9 Give it a go  
10 Memory of the future  
11 Everything means something  
12 Requiem in denim and leopardskin  
1 Vocal (demo)*  
2 She pops (demo)*  
3 Inside  
4 In slow motion (demo)*  
5 Listening  
6 Hell  
7 The way through the woods (long version)  
8 I started a joke  
9 In his imagination  
10 Leaving (Believe in PSB mix)  
11 Leaving (Side by side remix)  
12 Leaving (Freedom remix)  
13 Memory of the future (New single mix)